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Why Hire Progressive Urban Property Management?

We remove the headaches of self-managing your rental property and the potential missteps with marketing, leasing, and maintenance that can hold it back from delivering its best potential income.

We strongly believe that the path to profitability begins with tenant satisfaction. Owners will experience losses with high turnover due to vacancy costs, make ready costs, and leasing expenses. To keep tenant’s satisfied, it starts with placing a qualified tenant and ensuring that the property has the needs of the tenants. Responding quickly to repairs, good property maintenance, and solid communication with the tenants will reduce turnover.

Northeast Ohio has many homes and buildings over 100 years old. Rentals can have a variety of maintenance issues from lead safety concerns to bedbugs. Our property management staff has experience in working in these rentals and understanding what can happen. Our maintenance team can provide you with property inspection reports with pictures and discuss necessary repairs as well as repairs that can be deferred. Recommendations will also be made on upgrades and remodels to maximize rental income.

We stay up to date on local laws and regulations that can impact tenant placing, building requirements, and evictions. We also prepare tax forms for landlords both in and out-of-state. We save our clients potential lost time and money from non-compliance.

Our owners appreciate how well we stay in communication, and our testimonials show that we work to exceed expectations.

Property Owner Services

Our services include but are not limited to the following.

Rental Analysis

We will look at your property and estimate a potential rental rate given the condition and features. Our detailed analysis uses data on nearby comparable rentals and other variables to propose rental rates.

The rental analysis will ensure that your rental unit is priced correctly for the market and to ensure maximum revenue.

Property Listing and Marketing

We advertise your property with high-quality photos and across multiple platforms to reach as many potential tenants as possible.

When the available property reaches enough applicants to find the right fit, it brings the highest rent and reduces the chance of vacancies.

We will schedule all showings to prospective tenants.

Tenant Screening and Lease Preparation

Our background checks include credit, criminal, and prior rental history. We create a move-in condition report and document with photos.

We will collect a security deposit and first month’s rent as well as prepare a detailed, compliant, and enforceable lease agreement.

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We offer convenient online lease signing and sew up every detail so the tenant onboarding experience is seamless.

Our thorough tenant screening process reduces the chances of a problem tenant or costly eviction.

Maintaining Rental Properties Proactively

After renting, we perform detailed property evaluations with options for yearly or every 120-day inspections. We provide preliminary repair estimates, if required.

This proactive approach to maintenance reduces costs and keeps your property compliant with ever-changing local regulations.

Maintenance Requests and Repairs

We have a well trained, experienced in-house maintenance staff along with preferred vendors to coordinate all necessary maintenance and make sure that repairs are performed properly.

We also offer 24/7, 365 emergency response to tenants so that any issues at the property are handled in a timely fashion, keeping them happy and limiting property damage as much as possible.


Owner Statements and Tax Forms

Reviewing your property’s performance is easy.

We provide detailed monthly owner statements available anytime through the owner’s portal.

We also issue an end-of-year 1099 for your tax reporting purposes.


Do you know how to set the correct rental price for your property?

It’s crucial to your success that you do!

If the listed price is too high, it will extend the time your property is vacant and cost you money in lost rent. If it’s too low, you will miss out on your best return possible and lower your property’s ROI.

We have experience renting out properties in popular rental markets such as Lakewood, Parma, Cleveland, Euclid, Westlake, Fairview, and elsewhere in Northeast Ohio. So we know how to set a rental price that attracts qualified tenants and gets your property rented quickly.

Request your free rental analysis from our team and we’ll provide the number to maximize your property’s income potential.

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Working with Progressive Urban Property Management

Whether you're looking for us to simply coordinate tenant placement or step in as your full-service management, we'll take care of it with pride. We also offer a la carte services for property inspection and evaluation as well as a rental price analysis for investors.

Our competitive pricing packages offer a clear understanding of costs so there are no hidden fees or surprise surcharges. In addition, our clients appreciate our no-nonsense assessment when recommending the performance of repairs.

Our essential management package will cover all aspects of maintaining your property and keeping it filled with long-term tenants. Our premium management service increases the frequency of property inspections and includes all our service guarantees.

We can even arrange to pay pesky utility and other bills for the property on your behalf so you won't be inconvenienced or risk missing time-sensitive notices.

Management Fee 0% / Month 9% / Month
$75 min if rent is below
$60 min for 4+ Units
No Fee on Vacant Units
12% / Month
$99 min if rent is below
$75 min for 4+ Units
No Fee on Vacant Units
Leasing Fee 1st Month Rent
$500 minimum
1st Month Rent 1st Month Rent
Rental Price Analysis
New Tenant Placing
Tenant Screening and Leasing
Weekly Vacant Property Inspections
Up to 2 weeks

Up to 4 weeks
Financial Reporting
Detailed Property Evaluation
Once a year

Twice a year
Utility and Misc. Bill Pay
Available at $10 per bill

3 bills free every month
30 Day Renter Guarantee
Eviction Oversight & Collections
For Additional $150 fee for First Cause.
Does not include court, attourney, and other expenses.

Eviction Guarantee!
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Client Reviews

5.0 /5
23 Reviews

Aug 11, 2022
Progressive Urban Property Management Damara
Progressive has been the on-site management company for a week and have already proved to be a classier outfit than the previous management co. The Manager Monique Price is down to earth and you can tell she takes pride in what she does because it shows in her decision making and is very respectful to tenants which is a breath of fresh air!! Way to go progressive and keep up the great work!!!
Aug 11, 2022
Progressive Urban Property Management Sandra
Monique Price, has helped me through everything, a good listener and she's been so helpful, very polite, I am very glad I met her , Monique keep up the good work . Thank you!
Aug 11, 2022
Google Progressive Urban Property Management Amber
I briefly worked for this company as a maintenance coordinator. While it was not a fit for me, it is a great company. I got COVID my second week there and they were so wonderful about it. Amy is an absolute sweetheart. She is tough but always has her people's backs. While it did not work out I would absolutely recommend this company. They are fair with their owners and honest with their tenants. As is the nature of property management they are at the mercy of the owners. I wish them all the best of luck and believe they will do great things.
Aug 9, 2022
Google Progressive Urban Property Management Teniel
They are thee best !!!! I love my new home,they made moving in a breeze,and they are great with communication and responding quickly to any questions or concerns.Amy and Michelle are the best.❤️❤️❤️
Jul 18, 2022
Progressive Urban Property Management Teniel
I love love love my New Home . Michelle was the best.they are very quick to respond to any questions and they made moving In feel extremely welcoming.❤️❤️❤️
Jul 16, 2022
Google Progressive Urban Property Management Jace
George and his crew are very responsive to any requests or concerns. You can count on PUPM to get the job done right. Thanks for the hard work and great services provided at PUPM.
Jun 13, 2022
Progressive Urban Property Management Linda
The staff is very professional and nice to work with.
Apr 12, 2022
Google Progressive Urban Property Management JC
Progressive Urban Property Management (PUPM) goes above and beyond to create win-win solutions for tenants and landlords. They work with tenants to ensure that they are set up for success. They make sure repairs get completed smoothly and efficiently. Finally, as a landlord PUPM has helped me add value to my properties and continue to grow my portfolio. I highly recommend them and I look forward to continuing to work with them 🙂
Apr 1, 2022
Google Progressive Urban Property Management DD
I've been with PUPM for a month now and I would highly recommend! George and Amy have been very helpful! They have an amazing team that is quick to respond to any questions or issues. The online portal is very user friendly as well.
Feb 20, 2022
Google Progressive Urban Property Management Yoni
Been with PUPM for about 2.5 months, they have been able to get done in that short time nearly everything the previous company did not. So far excellent experience with them. They manage a 10 unit building and a 6 unit building for us.
Feb 19, 2022
Google Progressive Urban Property Management Peter
So far Progressive Urban Property Managament has far outshined all the prior cleveland property managers by a mile.Living in Cleveland and Boston I can say that I was looking for a firm that “Did their job” and PUPM has done that and been professional while doing it.
Jan 17, 2022
Facebook Progressive Urban Property Management Hussain
I saw a page review about Mrs Taisha carson and I must confess that She is a good trader and best in her field as they said, She managed my account after I invested $700 I got $6,200 within few day's of investment I was so shocked, with Mrs Taisha carson, your money is 100% secured,. Trust me you have nothing to lose You can contact her via Whatsapp: +1 (910) 502-3651
Dec 18, 2021
Google Progressive Urban Property Management Patrick
We've only been working with PUPM a short time but so far so good!
Nov 23, 2021
Google Progressive Urban Property Management John
My experience so far has been pleasant. George and Amy both respond to my questions quickly. Email is the preferred form of communication I utilize, but I will call as well in order to gain clarity. I schedule an appointment via calenderly. My property requires renovations and I am having the utilities turned on which will require a 4-hour window, so in order to be cost-effective, the maintenance manager will start cleaning up the property and preparing my renovation quote while waiting for the utility representatives. Another company would have tried to make numerous trips - that would cost me extra money unnecessarily. I am a working mom with a family just trying to cash flow, I am not a bank and I do not want to feel my PM is taking advantage of me. Progressive Urban Property Management has not made me feel that way as someone new to the Cleveland market. They utilize buldium management software and my one wish thus far would be a chat/communication option that could be used along with the request option for questions by the landlords, for work Ex. if I am considering painting the brick, but it is not a need or necessity I can communicate this with my PM. Also videos along with photos would be great when doing the property inspection would be great for landlords. Also an option for landlords to upload documents to their profile under the PM account. This is my first property in the area and I will purchase more once I know I have a management team that will provide me the security and reliability that my property will require. I hope Progressive Urban Property Management will be a part of my plan. So far I believe they will be! I recommend Progressive Urban Property Management for out-of-state investors. George and Amy answer all my questions and I have many questions as it really takes a lot to trust a company to act in your best interest as a landlord.
Sep 14, 2021
Progressive Urban Property Management Mary
The staff was accommodating and very supportive with all move-in needs!
Aug 8, 2021
Google Progressive Urban Property Management Jennifer
I’ve been living in one of the properties since Jan 2021. They are very responsive to issues with the house. In past places I’ve lived in would take the landlord a long time to fix stuff if they fix it at all. This company is the best I’ve ever seen. I have never had any issues with them and would definitely recommend them to others. I even love the app that you can pay your rent and submit Maintenance issues or any other issues that you may have. Thank you Progressive Leasing for being the best at what you do. P.S. Ryan is the best ever!
Jul 22, 2021
Google Progressive Urban Property Management J
George Rofail has handled my rentals for the past 3 yrs and has made my job much easier by finding me quality tenants, remembering how I like things done and always getting it done smoothly. Thanks again
Jul 15, 2021
Progressive Urban Property Management Alexander
We were very fortunate to get into contact with George Rofail when we did! George was very helpful, kind, and considerate! He went the whole nine yards for us, from allowing us to get our first look at the house on very short notice to working with us closely through the entire onboarding process with unmatched support every step of the way. George was able to confidently guide us through any questions we had, provide quick and consistent communication, thoroughly organized and laid out all information and everything needed from our end, and most importantly he was very personable and smooth to work with. George is exactly who you want to speak with as a future tenant making any important lease decisions!
Jul 15, 2021
Google Progressive Urban Property Management Alex
Our experience working with George Rofail at Progressive Urban Property Management was 10/10! Quite literally couldn't ask for better support while making such a decision. Working with them you can expect quick and consistent communication, great feedback and transparency on whatever questions you may have, and a well organized and thorough explanation to everything expected from you on your end. Great people, great service, great experience - highly recommend when given the opportunity to work with George!
Jul 14, 2021
Google Progressive Urban Property Management Lindsay
I recently switched property managers and have been so impressed with Progressive Urban! Super professional, easy to get ahold of and they take care of issues very quickly. Highly recommend!

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Progressive Urban Property Management was started by experienced Cleveland area landlords with a mission to manage rentals from an owner’s perspective and to provide quality rentals for tenants.



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