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How do I handle an eviction? What rental property expenses can I deduct from my taxes? What do property management companies charge?

Because we’re always looking to exceed expectations and provide the highest quality service, we’re in the business of answering these and other complicated questions about property management in Northeast Ohio. Local rules and regulations change, but our ability to stay on top of the latest legislation and state of the local rental market does not. We showcase our passion for property management here and share this knowledge with our community for the greater good.

Check out the latest tips from our team below.

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5 Ways You Can Increase Property Management Leads With Blogs

5 Ways You Can Increase Property Management Leads With Blogs

There are several ways to use your existing content to increase business. Today, we’re focusing on 5 definitive things you can do with your blogs to close more leads and grow your property management business. These are things we do at Fourandhalf, and our most...

Top 3 Reasons for a Blog on Your Property Management Website

Top 3 Reasons for a Blog on Your Property Management Website

If you think the only reason to have a blog on your website is because everyone else has a blog – that’s not good enough. Your property management blog provides major opportunities for you, and today we’re sharing the three top reasons to have a blog on your property...

6 SEO Blogging Tips for Property Managers

6 SEO Blogging Tips for Property Managers

Maybe you’ve finally started creating blogs and putting everything on your website. Now you’re ready to conquer the world with all that great content! Not so fast. You can create all the content you want, but if the search engines can’t find you – how will owner leads...

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