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Rental Analysis

We will look at your property and estimate a potential rental rate given the condition and features. Our detailed analysis uses data on nearby comparable rentals and other variables to propose rental rates.

The rental analysis will ensure that your rental unit is priced correctly for the market and to ensure maximum revenue.

Property Listing and Marketing

We advertise your property with high-quality photos and across multiple platforms to reach as many potential tenants as possible.

When the available property reaches enough applicants to find the right fit, it brings the highest rent and reduces the chance of vacancies.

We will schedule all showings to prospective tenants.

Tenant Screening and Lease Preparation

Our background checks include credit, criminal, and prior rental history. We create a move-in condition report and document with photos.

We will collect a security deposit and first month’s rent as well as prepare a detailed, compliant, and enforceable lease agreement.

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We offer convenient online lease signing and sew up every detail so the tenant onboarding experience is seamless.

Our thorough tenant screening process reduces the chances of a problem tenant or costly eviction.

Lease Compliance

After renting, we perform detailed property evaluations with options for yearly or every 120-day inspections. We provide preliminary repair estimates, if required.

This proactive approach to maintenance reduces costs and keeps your property compliant with ever-changing local regulations

Maintenance Requests and Repairs

We have a well trained, experienced in-house maintenance staff along with preferred vendors to coordinate all necessary maintenance and make sure that repairs are performed properly.

We also offer 24/7, 365 emergency response to tenants so that any issues at the property are handled in a timely fashion, keeping them happy and limiting property damage as much as possible.


Owner Statements and Tax Forms

Reviewing your property’s performance is easy.

We provide detailed monthly owner statements available anytime through the owner’s portal.

We also issue an end-of-year 1099 for your tax reporting purposes.

Progressive Urban Property Management in Cleveland, Ohio Maximizes The Return on Your Investment

We remove the headaches of self-managing your rental property and the potential missteps with marketing, leasing, and maintenance that can hold it back from delivering its best potential income.

We strongly believe that the path to profitability begins with tenant satisfaction. Owners will experience losses with high turnover due to vacancy costs, make ready costs, and leasing expenses. To keep tenants satisfied, it starts with placing a qualified tenant and ensuring that the property has the needs of the tenants. Responding quickly to repairs, good property maintenance, and solid communication with the tenants will reduce turnover.

Northeast Ohio has many homes and buildings over 100 years old. Rentals can have a variety of maintenance issues from lead safety concerns to bedbugs. Our property management staff has experience in working in these rentals and understanding what can happen. Our maintenance team can provide you with property inspection reports with pictures and discuss necessary repairs as well as repairs that can be deferred. Recommendations will also be made on upgrades and remodels to maximize rental income.

We stay up to date on local laws and regulations that can impact tenant placement, building requirements, and evictions. We also prepare tax forms for landlords both in and out-of-state. We save our clients potential lost time and money from non-compliance.

Our owners appreciate how well we stay in communication, and our testimonials show that we work to exceed expectations.

Do you know how to set the correct rental price for your property?

It’s crucial to your success that you do!

If the listed price is too high, it will extend the time your property is vacant and cost you money in lost rent. If it’s too low, you will miss out on your best return possible and lower your property’s ROI.

We have experience renting out properties in popular rental markets such as Cleveland, Parma, Euclid, Westlake, Fairview, and elsewhere in Northeast Ohio. So we know how to set a rental price that attracts qualified tenants and gets your property rented quickly.

Request your free rental analysis from our team and we’ll provide the number to maximize your property’s income potential.

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“George and his crew are very responsive to any requests or concerns. You can count on PUPM to get the job done right. Thanks for the hard work and great services provided at PUPM.”

Jace W.

Working with Progressive Urban Property Management

Whether you're looking for us to simply coordinate tenant placement or step in as your full-service property manager, we'll take care of it with pride. We also offer a la carte services for property inspection and evaluation as well as a rental price analysis for investors.

Our competitive pricing packages have no hidden fees or surprise surcharges, thereby offering a clear understanding of costs. In addition, our clients appreciate our no-nonsense assessment when recommending necessary property repairs.

Our management packages will cover all aspects of maintaining your property and keeping it filled with long-term tenants.

We can even arrange to pay pesky utility and other bills for the property on your behalf so you won't be inconvenienced or risk missing time-sensitive notices.

Our team is equipped to handle unique circumstances, including property receivership, for which a pricing estimate can be provided.

Tenant Placement
Single Family &
Small Multifamily Management
Large Multifamily
1-3 Units
At the Same Address
4-9 Units
At the Same Address
10 - 100 Units Industrial & Commercial
Management Fee 0% / Month 10% / Month
or $80 Minimum
8% / Month
or $60 minimum
5%-9% / Month
Contact Us For a Proposal
5%-9% / Month
Contact Us For a Proposal
Leasing Fee 1st Month Rent
$800 minimum
Additional $250 for Voucher Tenants
1st Month Rent
Additional $250 for Voucher Tenants
1st Month Rent
Additional $250 for Voucher Tenants
Contact Us For a Proposal Contact Us For a Proposal
One-Time Set-up Fees $150 $100-$150 per unit $75 per unit Contact Us For a Proposal Contact Us For a Proposal
Rental Price Analysis
Listing & Marketing
Tenant Screening & Lease Preparation
Maintenance Supervision
Financial Reporting
Detailed Property Evaluation
Utility and Misc. Bill Pay ($10 Each)
Eviction Oversight & Collections (additional fees)
Onsite Leasing & Maintenance (Optional)

Ask Us Anything About Cleveland Property Management

If you’d like to learn more about our properties and what it’s like to work with Progressive Urban Property Management, get in touch. We’d be happy to talk more about our rental properties, our application requirements, and our leasing process.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

4.9 /5
54 Reviews

May 10, 2023
Google Progressive Urban Property Management K
The team here is very helpful, I have been working with Jess , who is extremely organized and really does her job very well, she truly goes above and beyond, it's been a pleasure working with these individuals, thanks progressive
May 8, 2023
Google Progressive Urban Property Management Valerie
Jessenia is a life saver! She made the whole process so easy and communicated every step of the way. Professional in every aspect, best leasing agent I’ve ever worked with, highly recommend!!
May 2, 2023
Google Progressive Urban Property Management LoTesha
I have been a tenant for a little over a year at progressive urban property management. Can I just say I love Monique and Bob! These two employees are truly amazing. Monique is very understanding and fair. Monique tries to do everything within her power to make both residents and owners happy. Bob is very thorough and efficient with repairing things in our home. Bob is always willing to go the extra mile and spare the extra time to insure we are and feel safe and secure in our home. Both Monique and Bob are also very kind always pleasant when we speak. If I could give them more stars, I would. My family and I thank you and appreciate everything that you guys do!
Apr 27, 2023
Progressive Urban Property Management Tristian
I just put my deposit in for a property and first I was working with Danial he was helpful. I was told that I had to work with somebody named Jess or Jessica and she was rude and hang up on me saying she don’t have so deal with this and I just wanted to know what to do from here after sending my information. I had to go to the office to ask questions so that I know how to get my keys. The lady name Monique help me and told me what to do. I appreciate Daniel and Monique there are still some professional people in the world. I almost asked for my deposit back cause I did know if this was fishy or not.
Apr 24, 2023
Progressive Urban Property Management Charise
Monique has has always treated me with respect and kindness. She has always been there to help me in different situations. I thank Monique and God Bless Her.
Apr 16, 2023
Progressive Urban Property Management Jason
Initial process to get the keys to my apartment was difficult. I timely paid my security deposit and first months rent before my move-in date, which was 3/1/2023. However, I was denied entry and access to my apartment until 1:00 p.m. I didn't get my keys until 1:00 p.m. on 3/1/2023, even though I paid rent to have full access beginning at 12:00 a.m. I had movers, Internet, and carpet cleaners scheduled earlier and had to push them all back to a later time. Other than that, everything is great and it's really quiet here. The stairway carpet could use a good cleaning, but I do like it here and I have good neighbors. Thank you
Apr 14, 2023
Progressive Urban Property Management Erica
Jess was such a big help getting me in my apartment!
Apr 13, 2023
Progressive Urban Property Management Cece
Monique price did a wonderful job assisting me with an issue that was a misunderstanding and miscommunication. She took care of everything and fixed my issue I am very appreciative.
Apr 8, 2023
Google Progressive Urban Property Management Lisa
The apartment complex that I live at has been through a few property managements. Progressive Urban Property Management has been by far the best that I have seen here. Monique the Tenant Relations Coordinator is awesome. She has always been helpful with any questions I need answered or if any maintenance issues need fixed. If I have to call the office I always get an answer . Monique has always made sure if any paperwork needed to be completed or updated she has always been on top of it . I definitely recommend this PM.
Mar 23, 2023
Progressive Urban Property Management Kevin
The speed at which Jennifer Gomez help us to sign on this apartment was incredible and greatly appreciated. She was very accommodating with meeting times and handled correspondence efficiently. I was disappointed at the state of cleanliness in the entrance and basement. It seems like there is decades worth of dirt and dust in the basement. The apartment needed also needed a good cleaning but did not have any junk leftover. The amount of insect and rodent traps was a bit off putting.
Mar 16, 2023
Google Progressive Urban Property Management William
I want to express how grateful I'm to Jessenia for being patient with me in this whole process and helping me secure an apartment for myself. She has helped me tremendously and has followed up with me along the way with my CMHA voucher process as this was all new to me. I'm happy to refer her to all my friends who may be looking for a place to call home. Great customer service !
Mar 10, 2023
Google Progressive Urban Property Management Prabhat
Amy Pierse has consistently offered the best service to my wife and I considering we are out of state investors. She happened to get our second property listed in no time at all. If we ever run into any concerns, I have all the confidence in her and her team to address them to the full extent. I also appreciate her timely responses any time my wife or I have questions. I don’t know how much you are paying her but DOUBLE IT !!
Mar 4, 2023
Google Progressive Urban Property Management Jacklyn
So far I like PUPM. They were able to help me out with some major water line repairs. They gave sufficient amount of pictures of the before and after maintenance repairs. I wish I would receive notice for minor repairs from the tenants, so I would be aware that fund were going to be deducted. There were a few miscommunications, but that should be expected with PM since they are dealing with a lot of clients. When there were communication issues, Amy Pierse would help fix the issues. Amy is the best. Everyone is friendly and professional. I like that's a level of a family feel to this pm company.
Jan 31, 2023
Google Progressive Urban Property Management Dave
We bought 2 properties in Cleveland and decided initially to try 2 different Property Managers. NIGHT AND DAY between Progressive and our other PM. Progressive is friendly, quick to respond, thorough to investigate, thoughtful in providing solutions that both help the tenant have a great experience WHILE considering the cost to the owner. They do their job quickly and perfectly. Their fees are reasonable, and in light of the time they (don't) take to get the property ready and rented, you save a lot of money and headache over time. They have a team of employees who specialize in their area of expertise- if you need repairs, you talk to someone who knows exactly why you have a toilet leak. If you are trying to lease- you talk to someone who knows comps inside and out and can get your property rented at top dollar, to a WELL-VETTED tenant. Be careful out there! PMs will tell you they are 'screening'/ you need a detailed report on what that means to them and how they have vetted the people allowed to occupy your property- we spent a year trying unsuccessfully to rent a property that they quickly took over and stabilized. We almost sold this property at a significant loss after our year with our first PM. Thank God I found Progressive before I did that. We didn't buy a bad property- we had incompetent management. Thank you Progressive! We are happy, our tenants at the property they have managed all along are happy- we are just cashing checks and providing good housing, as it should be.
Dec 1, 2022
Google Progressive Urban Property Management Arnie
My experience with Jessenia and the rest of the team at Progressive Urban has been awesome. For property owners looking for a great real estate management company this is the one I would highly recommend!
Nov 18, 2022
Google Progressive Urban Property Management Stefanie
Monique Price, a Tenant Relations Coordinator for Progressive Urban Property Management, handled my account issue expertly. She taught me how to ensure my payment went through and to avoid further late fees on the app.
Nov 18, 2022
Google Progressive Urban Property Management Danny
Amy, the Operations Manager at Progressive Urban PM, has been great to work with! To me, a partnership is grown on communication, that's definitely the case here! Amy has routinely checked up on my properties that have concerns and I thank her for that! George, the owner, and Amy has built a great team alongside her who I have trusted as well. Appreciate all your hard work!
Nov 2, 2022
Progressive Urban Property Management Bush
He does such a great job thanks mr bush
Oct 29, 2022
Progressive Urban Property Management Veronica
Maintenance job done by bush does such a great job I love how professional he is at all times when ever I need assistance!
Oct 29, 2022
Google Progressive Urban Property Management Veronica
I love the property, the maintenance service come exactly when I need something fix he does an awesome job !!!


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Progressive Urban Property Management was started by experienced Cleveland area landlords with a mission to manage rentals from an owner’s perspective and to provide quality rentals for tenants.



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