Why Hire Progressive Urban for Cleveland Property Management

Hiring the right Cleveland property management team is an important part of ensuring you have a successful and profitable rental experience. We know you have a lot of options, and we believe we’re the best property management solution in northeast Ohio for a number of reasons.

Today, we’re focusing on five of the best reasons to hire our team when you need expert help leasing, managing, and maintaining your investment property.

Self-Managing Cleveland Landlords Need Support

If you’ve been managing on your own and you’re finding that it’s difficult to avoid long vacancies, collect rent on time, and protect the condition of your home – we’re here to help. It’s easier than ever to make an expensive mistake when you’re trying to manage your own rental property. Take a step back and let us bring our expertise, resources, and focus to the management of your home. You’ll earn more, spend less, and have a lot fewer headaches.

Attracting, Placing, and Retaining High Quality Tenants

We have been leasing and managing properties for decades, and we know that a good rental experience depends on a good tenant. With a focus on tenant satisfaction, we increase retention and lower your turnover and vacancy costs. The residents we place are highly qualified, committed to taking care of your property, and willing to communicate with our management team openly and transparently.

Routine, Emergency, and Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining a rental home requires resources. You need a reliable team of vendors and contractors who are licensed, insured, and experienced with older homes, new construction, and everything in between. Each property has its own unique maintenance needs, and we’re here to protect the value and condition of your investment with attentive and responsive maintenance as well as detailed inspections. You can expect inspection reports that include photos, recommendations, and documented costs. We value cost-effective upgrades and remodels to increase the profitability of your rental home.

Professional Development and Education

You need a Cleveland property management team that’s up to date on all the recent laws, requirements, and best practices in the industry as well as the local market. We stay up to date on local laws and regulations that can impact tenant placing, building requirements, and evictions. We understand security deposit requirements and the fair housing laws. You can rely on our team to prepare tax forms whether you’re a local landlord or an out-of-state investor. We save our clients potential lost time and money from non-compliance.

We believe our education and our experience makes us extremely valuable to our owners. We invest in learning and we respect the requirements of all the professional associations to which we belong.

Open Doors and Open Minds: Communication

We are always here for our owners and tenants. Whether you have a question about your listing during the leasing phase or a concern about your property during a turnover, we’re here to hear what you have to say. Our open-door policy extends to residents, too. We want to know how we can help and what our customers need. The owners we work with currently will tell you about how well we stay in touch and how important we believe our relationship with you is.

If you’re ready to hear more about how we can help you have a better property management experience in Cleveland, please contact us at Progressive Urban Property Management. We would love to tell you more.

Why Hire Progressive Urban for Cleveland Property ManagementProgressive Urban Property Management in Cleveland serves both single-family and multi-family landlords’ and investors’ needs across all of Cuyahoga County including in Cleveland, Parma, Middleburg Heights, Westlake, among other cities.